Saturn Gas Mileage

This graph shows the gas mileage I have achieved on my Saturn since the day I bought it.

The car:
'92 Saturn SL2
5 speed manual
A/C on a lot from April thru September
Firestone Firehawks (stock) until 9/95
Yokohama Avid MD-H4's after 9/95

The driver:

I drive the car pretty aggresively. I redline the car regularly and average 85 mph on I-5. So I'm probably getting somewhat lower mileage than the car is capable of. If any of you readers is a CHP officer, this car is green with a tan cloth interior, and I'm a blond haired man about 5 feet tall : ).

The graph:

The jagged blue line shows the gas mileage achieved for each tank of gas I've bought. I keep track of every tank, and every tank was topped off (I know, shame on me. Bad for the environment. But it's all for science.). Thus, there is no noise in the data from the tank being filled differently each time. This line captures the differences in mileage due to different driving conditions and behavior, such as long road trips.

The wavy green line is a rolling average over the last 10 tanks of gas. This captures more trend information, such as the condition of my car, the length of my commute, and behavioral trends (like my third speeding ticket in 9/93).

The smooth blue line is my average gas mileage over the life of the car.

The page:

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